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Yeah, it is the face they’re going with. And it’s the best face. The. Best.

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Sherlock’s Experiment IS surprisingly good. I didn’t think I would like it this much because I’m not a fan of fruit flavours in hot tea, but the apple is actually really subtle. 




brown girls rule the world

I’m sorry to say this but if someone said “white girls rule the world” instead of “brown girls rule the world” then we’d have a major shitstorm on our hands.

You’re right! White girls (a) don’t need to say that, and (b) would have no reason to say that because they dorule the world of beauty conventions, standards of attraction, and etc. in reality. Brown women and girls are completely undervalued, dismissed, and quite often have their focuses derailed—as you so ridiculously demonstrate here—simply because they aren’t White.

So when a brown woman says something to encourage herself and others who are generally put down for how they look with something like “we rule the world” accompanying beautiful pictures of a beautiful young brown woman, that’s representation we don’t get elsewhere.If a White girl said it, it’d be doing nothing but reinforcing the idea that White women are the end all and be all to beauty and that everyone must be compared to their standards.

I’m sorry to say but throwing about false equivalences as if everything exists in a vacuum makes you look like a buffoon, and ignoring historical and present social and cultural conditions does not make your point any more solid than shooting it with a full clip would.


inspired by this post


inspired by this post

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Hermann Gottlieb tea in my Kaiju groupie mug. Because of course

Hermann Gottlieb tea in my Kaiju groupie mug. Because of course

So I have about 3.5 million audiobooks, radio dramas and podcasts (this may or may not be hyperbole) and I tend to listen to them while falling asleep at night.

Cabin Pressure a good idea or the best idea for this?

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